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Jaipur Elephant Safari Tour

Hava Mahal
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Looking for a genuine elephant - journey in India? In addition to the tours, rides and safari's in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we also offer you an opportunity to experience the life of an elephant. To get closer to the elephants and become very much familiar with them.

Clean the elephants, feed them. Take a painting-class with us and know about elephant-ornaments. Learn about elephant medicines and healings. Ride them to the lake for a swim and wash. View the elephants sleeping at night and wake up with them in the early morning. Stay in the most interesting, unique, working elephant town in India, specially meant for conserving elephants. You can learn about their daily life and their habits of food.

You will also be issued a handbook which includes all the necessary information. Topics comprise, all about elephants, how to care elephants, their culture and history, Riding Techniques, Elephant Commands. You will also be given a huge Elephant team member t-shirt. You will be enjoying with the biggest but the most calm animal in the world. By learning to take care about them, feeding, watering and bathing you will get an opportunity to create your connection with them. Their personality will teach you about how important it is to contribute to their existence.

The Aravali hills are the oldest mountain range in India. The elephant safaris are conducted in the Aravali ranges. During the safari tour we pass through agricultural fields, old monuments, villages and hills. Birdlife in the thick forests is flourishing. Antelopes and jackals are in plenty. Although panthers reside in the jungles they are generally not seen during daytime. Sometimes the hyena and the wolf have also been spotted by the visitors.

Safari in Jungle
A peaceful ride through the jungle areas where we set camp and set up a campfire, adjacent to Amber Fort away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. An opportunity to spot animals in the wild animals. Dears, Snakes, Peacocks and many more. If you are lucky you may also spot a leopard. After the safari dinner which is specially prepared in the campfire and drinks will also be served to you.

Safari in The Village
A very fascinating tour through the towns nearby Amber at the time of sunset. In the village we set camp and start a camp fire. The safari begins before sunset and finishes before night. After exploring the areas and people of there we take dinner which is specially prepared for you at the campfire and drinks will also be served to you.

Safari in the Old Pink City
An elephant ride through the old city of Jaipur which lasts for about 2 hour. During the safari we pass through all the stunning and busy markets and architectural wonders of the pink city. It is an opportunity to experience the city of Jaipur in a very wonderful and amazing way which you have never experience before.

Safari From Amber to Old Pink City
It is a 2 hour ride which begins from the farm and takes you through the town of Amber. We pass through Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and all the way to the hub of the Old city of Jaipur.

Custom Rides on Demand
We also offer completely costumized tour packages as per the wishes of the visitors. Guests can choose from all the plans as per their convenience and wishes.

Important Highlights of the Safari Tour:

Elephant Language
You may be amazed to recognize that there is a certain language to talk with the elephants. To be able to understand them you have to learn the basic of this language.

You will get an opportunity to feed the elephants during the safari tour, at the same time you also came to know about their feeding habits and about what they enjoy to eat.

Painting Class
Learn about the colourful and undamaging paints that are used to paint the thick elephant-painting by painting the outlines on their face and then filling it with colors of your choice.

In the afternoon we ride our elephants and proceed to the elephant lake which is situated about 2 kms from the farm. At the lake you view how to wash and scrub the elephants.

Elephant Polo
We gets you to experience the real essence of all types of polo, be it on the magnificent adorned elephants, attractive camels or graceful horses:

Special Camel and Horse Riding
Special Camel and Horse Riding starts after sunset and lasts till sunset in the village or in the jungle.

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